Alanya Cyprus Ferry Tour

Alanya Cyprus Ferry Tour

Cyprus is a Paradise Island of incomparable Natural Beauty. North Cyprus lies in the Blue waters of the Mediterranean, just 100 miles from Alanya. After Sicily and Sardinia, it is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea.

Forget your self while walking through the narrow old streets of Nicosia. All Medıterranean fruits you will find. Baskets full of grapes are exposed on the Market place. In the small Venetian Harbour of Kyrenia you can enjoy the sunset. İts strategic position as much as its attraction as a place to live, has ment that Cyprus has many different rulers over the Centuries. You will find 9000 years of history in Cyprus.

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IMPORTANT: Ferry departure times can change from the published times, adverse weather can also affect sailing times. Passengers must contact the ferry company 24 hours before departure to check the sailing time, ferry company contact details are included with our final information.

On arrival at the port be sure to check in at the desk of the ferry company included on your ticket/voucher, refunds are not possible if you take the wrong ferry.
Foot passengers should report to the ferry check in desk at the port at least thirty minutes before the scheduled departure time.